With the days becoming lighter and spring flowers beginning to pop up everywhere, I thought paper flowers were rather apt for this month’s challenge.

I made two sorts: one to decorate cards or gifts without wire and the second flower with wire to stand in a vase (or in this case a vintage style bottle.)

What you will need:

Crepe paper printed with a design you like.



Wire (if desired)

Stick on jewels or buttons (if desired)

Both styles are made in more or less the same way.   First cut three equally sized squares of paper.


Now fold one of the paper squares corner to corner to make a triangle.  Do this twice more until it looks something like this:


The opening should be placed at the top.  Repeat with the other two squares.

Now, cut each triangle edge into a petal shape.


When you open it out it should look like a flower shape with clear petal shapes.

With the first piece, cut out one petal.  With the second piece, cut out two petals.  With the third cut out three petals. DO NOT THROW ANY OF THE PETALS YOU HAVE CUT OFF AWAY; you will need them in the next step.


Starting with the petal on it’s own, roll it into a cone shape and glue the edges.  Do the same with the other petals, so you end up with three cones that increase in size.

Now do the same with the larger flower pieces, applying glue to just one of the petals on each where the paper overlaps.


If you want a flower to apply to cards/gifts etc, glue each piece carefully together.  You may wish to leave out the smallest cone and glue a gem or button in its place instead.


If you are using wire, glue the layers together as above, but this time twist the flower at the back to make a point.  Then tightly wrap the wire around the point you have made.  Now you have a stem!


I made a few of these in different sizes to fill a vintage looking bottle.

 Unfortunately, I had to drink the gin cocktail out of it first. 😉