At the end of last month I got married and we’ve decided to go back to Kyoto in Japan this Summer for our honeymoon!!  So, I wanted this month’s challenge to be something kawaii.  I made this in a couple of hours, but you’ll need quite a few materials despite it being something so small.

What you’ll need:

Felt in beige, cream, red, pink.

Needle and threads in cream, pink, black, red.

Small safety eyes (or you could use black felt circles if you don’t have these.)

Keyring finding (Mine was from The Works)

Toy stuffing.

Red velvet ribbon.

Paper, pen and scissors.  (Preferably scissors designed to cut material)

First sketch out your design on paper. I tried to make mine as simple as possible. Then you need to trace over that design to make up the patterns for your felt components – cone, ice cream, sauce.

DSC_1647  DSC_1648

Next cut out your felt shapes.  You will need 2 cones in beige felt, 2 ice cream scoops in cream felt, 1 sauce in red felt and 2 tiny pink circles for the cheeks.  It is handy to put a pin through it to keep your template from moving around while you cut it.


Start with the beige cone shape, and using your beige thread, sew in diagonal lines vertically down the felt.  Then sew lines across to make a waffle pattern.  This is the MOST time consuming part.


Now attach your sauce to your ice cream, using the red thread.


Next you need to add the eyes.  If you are using safety eyes, fold over the bottom third of your ice cream and make two TINY slits with your scissors.  Now push the eyes through, turn over and fix the backs.  You need to push them until they click.  (Behold, you have a zombie ice cream!!)


You will also need to sew on a smile with your black thread and two tiny pink cheeks.  Then start to assemble your waffle cone and kawaii ice cream by stitching them together. You will need to do the same with the plain cone and ice cream you have left over.  Then stitch them together, stuffing with the toy stuffing lightly as you go.  Remember to leave an opening at the top.


Thread a small piece of velvet ribbon through the keyring finding.


Place the ends into the opening you have left and sew round the edge of the rest of the cone to fix the ribbon in place.   And you have a completed key ring!