I do own a kindle but I still love reading *actual physical books*  The only problem is that I never have bookmark and always end up using whatever I have to hand: an envelope, a bus ticket, a scrap of paper.  So I thought this month I would have a go at making my own using the lots of beads I have that have sat in a box in the spare room unused.


Equipment needed:

A beading loom,

A variety of seed beads,


sturdy thread,

sewing needle,

clear nail polish.

So first of all let’s talk about the loom.


This is a child’s loom so it is very basic and short!  The only issue with changing styles of craft every month is that I may or may not use equipment again, which could get costly, so hence the cheap and easy option.  If you wanted to make adult bracelets you would need something bigger.  There is a great tutorial on how to make your own cardboard loom for virtually nothing but it seems too fiddly to me.

So the first step is stringing it.  There are instructions with the loom and it is quite fiddly to do.  Basically, you are attaching strands of thread pulled taught across the loom and attached to the pegs like guitar strings.  Your beads will fit in the gaps between the strings


Now you tie a piece of thread to your first thread on the left, thread a needle followed by five beads, making sure the beads are placed in between the threads, all neatly lined up.  Then insert your needle UNDER the last thread and through the bead.  Do this to all other beads so that you are in effect ‘sewing’ them together.  You will know if you are doing this correctly.  If you do it wrong, the beads will all fall off the thread.  This video explains this technique better than I can in words.

DSC_1702 DSC_1704 DSC_1712

You can see from the photos above that I tried to arrange my beads to make a pattern.  When it came to the ends, I continued to weave thread through with my needle, just as I had done so before but without the beads.  For the bottom of the bookmark I  added clear nail polish before trimming the remaining thread.  For the top of the bookmark, I tied the end to make a tassel, once again making sure I added clear nail polish to the tips to prevent them from fraying.

This is what the end product looks like:


It was a fun project to make and I would definitely use the loom again, perhaps to try and make a bracelet next time.