I’ve wanted to make something like this for a while, after seeing miniature bottles on etsy and as it was the month for Halloween, well, why not?

What you need:

Miniature glass bottle

Fimo in glittery white, black, grey and brown.

Sculpting tools (or a biro pen if you don’t have any)


A headpin.

Beading pliers.

Sewing needle.


Using white fimo make your ghost.  Make sure the surface you are working on and your hands are clean as the white will pick up any dirt. Make eyes from black fimo and blend in, once again being careful not to smudge it into the white.  Once done, use your needle to poke a hole through the ghost from top to bottom.  Make sure the hole is big enough for you headpin and your ghost is small enough to fit inside your bottle.


Now warm up a small piece of brown fimo in your hands so it is pliable and drop it into your glass bottle.  Use your fimo tools or the non pen end of a biro to squish the fimo onto the base of the bottle.  It doesn’t need to be smooth as this is your graveyard earth but it does need to be firmly stuck.

Use white and black fimo to make a tiny skull and a bone.

Use grey fimo to make a gravestone.

Use tweezers to place your skull, bones and gravestone inside the bottle and once again push firmly so that they are attached to the brown fimo on the bottle’s surface.

Now bake your bottle and ghost in the oven according to the instructions on the fimo packet.  Yes you can bake your glass bottle, just let it cool down completely before touching it.

Once cool, push your headpin through the ghost and through the cork lid of your bottle.  Use your beading pliers to make a loop.  (I’ll be writing about how to do this in my next post.) Glue the cork lid to the bottle to seal.


I really enjoyed making this and would love to make one’s using resin at some point.  If you don’t have a headpin, I have seen some tutorials on youtube that use clear thread instead, although you wouldn’t be able to use it as a charm.