I’m very late posting this one. Apologies.

Over the Summer me and my husband watched the Twin Peaks box set (following the news that there is to be a new series) and I enjoyed it so much  that I ordered lots of charms online to make this bracelet.

I tried to get charms that had some relevance to the show such as a ‘queen’ chess pieces, guns, owls, coffee cups as well as beads that looked like they were made of fire.


The hardest part is making the loops for the ‘fire beads.’  All I can say is it took me a few attempts at making the loop to get it right.


I also wanted the infamous picture of Laura Palmer as part of it so I printed out a picture and used mod podge to stick it to the frame charm.  I also pasted over the top of it to seal it.

I’m pretty pleased with it! It was a lot of fun to make.