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For December’s craft challenge, I made my own Candy Cane Wreath.  Here is how I did it:


What you need:

1 polystyrene Wreath

2 rolls of craft tape, one white, one red glitter.

Empty candy wrappers (It’s a hard job but someone has to eat em!)

A small amount of toy stuffing.

Cookie cutters.

White and bronze fimo.

A glue gun and scissors.

A wide red ribbon that matches the red tape.


I began by covering the wreath in the white tape.  This is harder than it looks because it is difficult to wrap it without wrinkles.

Once wrapped, wrap your red glitter tape at intervals around the wreath to look like a striped candy cane.  I found this part easier to do with the tape cut into sections.

Once wrapped, tie your ribbon into a bow at the top, leaving enough ribbon to hang it on your door.


Then you need to add the decorations.  I used cookie cutters to make fimo gingerbread decorations.  Roll and cut out the bronze fimo to make the ‘gingerbread’ shapes.  Then roll thin sausages of white fimo for the ‘icing.’ Push the icing gently onto the gingerbread shapes to ensure they are fixed to the surface. Then cook according to packet instructions.


Whilst you are waiting for the fimo to cool down, stuff your sweet wrappers with toy stuffing.  Once your decorations are completed, glue them onto your wreath using a glue gun.

The wreath was too pretty and too light to hang on the front door so I ended up keeping it inside the house instead!!

DSC_2213 (1)