I made this jar for myself a few weeks ago and didn’t think to take photos while making it, but when my mum visited she thought I’d bought it from a shop and commented on how much she liked it.

It made me think that it would be an ideal gift for Mother’s Day and that it would be good to share my method with you, even though there are only pictures of the finished item.

I’m also very lucky that my mother-in-law has a die cutter which means she was able to cut out a fairy out for me.

What You’ll Need:


Empty glass jar with lid

Fairy shape

White tissue paper

Artificial tealight candles (do not use real ones!!!)

Brown string, flower cabochons, silver glitter (optional)

Super glue

PVA Glue


First make sure your jar is thoroughly clean and dry before you start.

Now making sure you are careful not to get any of it on your fingers, use super glue to stick your fairy shape to the glass on the inside of the jar. Leave to dry.

Once your fairy is stuck, you’ll need to water down some PVA glue. A good consistency is one part PVA to two parts water.

Taking your white tissue paper, cut in carefully into strips that will fit the length of the jar from just below the rim where your lid will go, all the way underneath the jar. You will want to arrange the strips so there is no overlap.

Paste some PVA along one side of the jar, the length and width of your first tissue strip, and cover it with tissue. Then, very gently so it does not tear, paste over the top of the tissue. Repeat until the entire jar is covered and you can just about see the fairy through the glass.

If you want to add a sprinkle of fairy dust AKA glitter, do this now.  Leave the jar upside down to dry overnight.

Once dry, you can add the finishing touches.

Tie a piece of string around the top of the jar. You can tie a loop like in the picture below to create a handle if you want to be able to carry around as well as place it on a table.

Stick flower cabochons onto the string or jar.

Put the artificial candle inside the jar and screw the lid on.

Now wait till it gets dark and switch your candle on to bring your flickering fairy to life!