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5 Creepy Crochet Projects For Halloween

I am always surprised that whenever I mention crochet, people still think of granny squares and ill fitting jumpers. So in celebration of Halloween and of my love of all things macabre, here are my favourite creepy crochet projects.

1) Exorcist Play Set


Every time I look at this it makes me smile.  I think it is the way the priest looks so pissed off at having been barfed on.  Made by the very talented Croshame, you can check out other projects here at

2) Sugar Skull Winter Mask


I think that we British are too afraid of death. I love the Mexican way of celebrating death through the Day Of The Dead, but this mask just gives me the creeps. I love that this was designed to keep her warm whilst she was out cycling in the winter! You can find the pattern by Kourtney Moon here at Sugar Skull Pattern

3) Creepy Cute Pyramid Head


When my boyfriend was playing Silent Hill late at night, the sound of Pyramid Head’s sword scraping along the corridors scared the crap out of me.  Violent, inhuman and a rapist, he is a truly terrifying character.  Here Needle Noodles has added this pattern to the rest of her awesome creepy cute creations.  You can find it here:  You need to have bought her book Creepy Cute Crochet first (which I highly recommend).

4) Frankenweenie


I’m a huge fan of Tim Burton and I’m really looking forward to seeing the animated version of his early short film Frankenweenie.  This is my favourite crochet version by Manualidades.  

5) Cthulhu Mask


Well there had to be something Cthulhu related here somewhere! Designed by Nancy B Nutt, this full mask is pretty terrifying.  You can find her page through Ravelry or at her site here.

Have a Happy Halloween!


The Cult Of Cthulhu takes over OR Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn

It started with a gift for a friend…

In the gloomy crochet workshop I was wracking my brains trying to think of a gift I could make for a male friend, who was into awesome things like Lovecraft, cult film and board games. I searched far and wide. I looked in books. I explored the awesome depths of Ravelry.  I found this pattern and was momentarily gutted I was a crocheter and couldn’t knit. I tried to forget about the bag…

But that night as I slept, I was plagued by dreams of crocheted tentacles and strange woolen creatures and I woke up knowing I would have to make something similar, even if it killed me.

That very day I began to crochet, merging a basic drawstring bag design from an old book, with the general design of the  bag of doom.  In a frenzy of needles and wool, I worked for two days to create the Cthulhu Dice Bag of Doom.  The recipient loved the gift (he was clearly overcome by the sinister Cult of Cthuluh as well) and I was pleased to have made someone happy.

Completed Cthulhu Bag of Doom

The obsession with this slimy creature should have stopped there.  Only, a few months later, it seemed that the bag had spawned a new creation, releasing it into the wilds of Warwick.  Beware!  The Cult of Cthulhu is everywhere.

Beware the spawn of Cthulhu!

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