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Tis the season to…get crafty


Christmas is well and truly on the way.  I exhibited at my first ever craft fair last weekend, after crafting like crazy for two weeks to make enough jewellery to sell.  It was a good experience and the very talented jeweller on the stall next to me gave me some great tips about selling your wares:

1.  Don’t reduce your prices.  The reason why people like handmade is because they know they are getting something original.  Handmade takes time and your prices should reflect this.  If people see something they love enough, they won’t care about the price.

2.  That said…not everyone will like your stuff.  People can be critical, and sometimes downright rude about your products.  Some will say they could make it themselves for a lot cheaper than you are selling them.  You will need a thick skin.  Just smile.

3. Some days you will sell lots at craft fairs.  Some days you won’t.  Make sure you sell other places too, such as on etsy.

Sound advice.

And on that last point, here are some of the latest products on my etsy page.  Find me at





My quest to join the Marmarati!

Loving Marmite sometimes feels like having a guilty secret.  If you dare to come out of the closet about your love of the brown stuff, you can guarantee that at least one person, if not more, will gasp in horror and recoil as though you were some sort of pervert.

Well, fellow Marmite devotees,  that there is no need to feel like a social leper anymore!  The secret society of the Marmarati will indulge your every Marmite fantasy…but like every secret society, there is an initiation test, well, several actually.  No surprise that I’ve taken up the craft challenge and having bought more jewellery supplies, came up with this…

I’m really pleased with it and have been proudly wearing it everywhere I go.  What better way to come out of the Marmite closet?

P.S. The Marmarati is not so secret, if you want to vote for my creation or join the Marmarati yourself, you can find them here:  There are some pretty amazing creations on there: a Marmite fascinator and an awesome cross stitch.

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