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12 Month Craft Challenge – August Powertex Part Two: plaque inspired by Frank Herbert’s Dune.


This just might be *the* geekiest craft I’ve done (and I’ve done plenty of Lovecraft crochet).

My husband has phases of going crazy obsessive on things.  Currently, all things Dune are in fashion in our house.  After watching the TV mini-series, the fan edit of David Lynch’s Dune and Children Of Dune on Blu Ray during the Summer, I decided to make a Dune inspired Powertex project.

The plaque is made using Bronze Powertex soaked fabric arranged on a plastic plate.  The plaster face was wrapped to make it look like a shawl. I used the elastic edges of an old skirt to make the ‘sandworms’ that are burrowing through the desert of Arrakis in the background and cut two circles of fabric for the two moons.

Once dried, I dry brushed the gold pigment onto it and of course, painted the character’s eyes bright blue to make her look like a Fremen Sayyadina (a wise woman that is native to the planet Arrakis).

This project was far more difficult to do than the decorative bottle, (and I think it shows) but just as enjoyable to make. Powertex might be one of the more expensive crafts I’ve tried this year but it is well worth it!


12 Month Craft Challenge – August. Powertex Part One: Decorative Bottle


Apologies for being so late with this one.  Firstly I went on honeymoon and then secondly, Powertex is VERY messy so as our house is small and rented, I had to wait for a dry day so I could do this outside.  It turns out that my little starter pack gives you a lot for your money so I ended up making two projects and I still have more powertex left!

This is project one.  It is pretty straightforward to do. Continue reading “12 Month Craft Challenge – August. Powertex Part One: Decorative Bottle”

Powertex Haul!!


At the weekend, I visited Leamington Spa’s ‘Art In The Park’ event in Jephson Gardens.  It was my first time and I will definitely be going again.  There were lots of amazing artists there, with lots of affordable artwork, jewellery and crafts to buy as well as some demonstrations.

I’ve had my eye on Powertex products for some time now after my mum bought me an awesome plaque from a craft fair she visited in Birmingham at the beginning of this year.  It looks fairly simple to do, however the supplies and workshops are usually really expensive. So I was really pleased to finally find someone selling a starter kit for a reasonably priced £20.

So, what’s in the bag?


For £20, the kit includes:

500g bottle of bronze Powertex

Small bag of gold Powertex pigment

3 small plaster shapes (I chose 2 faces and 1 heart)

2 small pieces of cotton fabric


protective gloves

application brush

information/tips on how to use the products to get the best results.

If you are interested, the artist, Annette Smyth creates some wonderful pieces using Powertex that you can view on her website here.

I can’t wait to get started on a Powertex project for August’s Craft Challenge!  Watch this space!

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