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OMG Crochet AND video games??!!! Yoshi’s Wooly World

Copyright Nintendo

One of my other interests aside from crocheting is playing video games.  (As you can see here, I have combined the two before with my Link figure.)

Imagine my delight upon discovering that this year Nintendo are releasing Yoshi’s Wooly World on the wii u. This game not only has a knitted theme to it but also includes a Amiibo that is…made of yarn.

wooly world1
Copyright Nintendo

To see the gameplay and amiibo in action check out the video below.

I can’t wait to preorder this!


Video Game Crochet #1: Link


My partner is obsessed with video games and one cute character in particular…Link from the Legend Of Zelda games. This little guy was his request when I was stuck for a new project to make.

There are lots of patterns for Link available online but I couldn’t find any that I particularly liked.  Link has also had several incarnations so eventually I opted for Link from Wind Waker.  I learned a few new techniques but my favourite thing was using felt to make his hair and accessories.  I’ve always shied away from using felt extras as I’ve always felt it was somehow ‘cheating’ but thinking about how video game graphics look, in actual fact it helps to make them look more defined.

I also decided I wanted accessories that you can ‘pose’ and move around.  The shield has a little felt loop which enables you to do this.


I’ve enjoyed making him so much that I’m looking forward to designing and making plenty of other video game characters.  Watch this space…


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