This has been by far my favourite project so far.


They are not quite finished as I will need to sand them and find a way of making them waterproof.  If anyone has any suggestions please comment below.

I’ve always had a bit of a thing for Wonder Woman.  I have fond memories of watching the old 70’s TV series as a kid with my brother.  And when I used to go to the pub quiz with my old friends our team was always called the JLA, of which Wonder Woman is part of.  So in deciding which comic book to use it was a no brainer.

What you’ll need:

Comics (I used 2 old issues of Wonder Woman that I bought for a couple of quid from Birmingham ComicCon a couple of months ago.  I still have lots of paper left)


Mod Podge gloss (I don’t know much about this stuff.  They do make other formulas but this seems to be the one I read about on most tutorials online)

Small paintbrush

A pair of shoes (must have a smooth surface)


Step One:  Cut out any scenes you like from the comic books into small triangles.  Trust me, the triangle shape makes it a lot easier to stick together and gives aesthetic appeal when you put them all together.  I also separated my shapes into words, characters (I managed to get Superman in there!) and general sections.  If you use more than one comic book, you may get slightly different tones too.


Step Two: Start to spread a small, thin layer of glue onto the shoe and place your triangle on.  Once in place brush another layer of glue over the top.  Repeat until shoe is covered.  Make sure your paper reaches right to the edges of the shoe.  I tried to put pieces that I wanted to be noticeable on the heel and on the front of the shoes.


Step Three: Once you have covered both shoes and the glue is dry, you are going to cover the shoe all over with a slightly thicker layer of glue.  This can be difficult to get right – if it is too thick it can go lumpy or dry white instead of clear.  It is also a good idea to put glue around the edges of the shoe first to ensure that there are no gaps.


Step Four: Once dry, repeat step three two or three times more.


According to Mod Podge, it can take three weeks for it to cure properly, so I’ll have to wait till then to finish them off.  I can’t wait to eventually be able to wear them out.